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Years of extensive research at "Tiny Wingz" in the field of play school education formed the "Fly Wings" Methodology which is uniquely designed based on the skills required for the kids to be active, creative, interactive, secured and confident.

We strongly believe that every child is born with intelligent and uniqueness, but the challenge is how to identify and bring it out. So we hereby introduce the"Theme Based Approach" which is an effective way to execute the "Fly Wings" Methodology to identify and exhibit kid's intelligent and uniqueness in a holistic way.

Fly Wings Methodology:

Our curriculum is language rich as poetry, story telling and drama are part of each and every less on that we teach to the kids. This helps to stimulate their sense of wonder and imagination. On a daily basis, each kid is encouraged to create and learn new skills thru' our toys and equipment that we have in our premises, in a practical way and in their own comfort level.

Our goal is to help children to grow physically and mentally strong in a happy and healthy environment and become socially and emotionally well balanced. Our focus is to have keen observation and careful listening to kid's interests which sharpen our plan activities that add meanings and values to their understanding. We strongly believe in partnering with parents to provide a strong foundation for their early education in a secure, active and healthy environment.

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